Which is bigger in the States, college football or NFL?

Which is bigger in the States, college football or NFL?

Jul, 29 2023 Caden Fitzroy

The History of Football in America and a Battle of the Titans

Before we dive into the deeper side of the great College Football vs. NFL debate, let's revisit a bit of football history. It's almost as if every time those Sunday night lights illuminate the football field, we're invited to the stage of historical combats. And many of us have found ourselves torn between supporting that local charm of college ball or the national glitter of the NFL. My wife Emily always teases me, you're more into stats than the game itself, she'd say. More on that later.

Understanding the Size of College Football

So, how big is college football? Oh, it's huge! As a father, watching my son Reuben's eyes light up during a college match increases my affinity towards the game even more. It feels personal, closer to the heart. Regardless of the small towns' lack of NFL teams, their pride for college teams is unmatched. We must understand that college sports aren't merely about sports. With marching bands, tailgate parties, homecoming games- it's all about community, culture, and belonging. You can literally feel the fervour in the college stands on game days.

An Era by Era Comparison

In order to gauge which is bigger, we need to take a leap throughout the eras. The early 1900s showed us the college games were dominant, simply because the NFL wasn't born until 1920. It took a good few decades for the NFL to accumulate enough attention to compete with College Football's fandom. Interestingly, my grandad started as a college football fan and then transitioned to an NFL addict explaining his passion to my dad with utter fascination, who then passed it onto me.

Feeling the NFL Thrill

The National Football League, on the other hand, has its own charm. It brings in players from all corners of the country, showcasing artistry at its peak. I've had the chance to take my daughter Sylvia to a couple of matches, and watching her cheer along the tens of thousands of fans is a sight to behold. What makes this league so attractive? It's the sheer level of competition and the array of talent that each team brings on board.

The Dollars Do The Talking

While passion and morale is one thing, let's let the dollars do the talking. The NFL leads the way in terms of money-making capacity, a little like Emily when she has had a few too many at our local bingo. But honestly, with billions in earning from television broadcasting rights, merchandise sales and tickets, the NFL seems to have transformed into a moneymaking machine.

How Media Defines the Rivalry?

The kind of media coverage both these platforms acquire is a massive determinant of the buzz they generate. The NFL has mastered the media circus, as the Super Bowl festivities are nothing short of a global party. College football, however, relies on the traditional and regional fan base.

Rivalries and Traditions

The rivalries in both, NFL and College Football, provide a unique flavor to the games. The traditions that run deep in college bloodlines fuel much of the excitement. While NFL rivalries are often rooted in the history of the sport, the traditional and passionate rivalries in College Football offer a unique emotional connection.

Numbers Don't Lie: College Football vs. NFL

So I did some number crunching, statistics are my best friends after all, and it's quite intriguing to observe the pattern. On one hand, we have college football, with individual teams playing fewer games in comparison to NFL teams, and yet the fan bases are almost comparable. NFL might have a vast global fanbase, but College Football isn't too far behind.

The Verdict: Which is Bigger in the States, College Football or NFL?

This, my friends, reminds me of a time when Emily and I were just starting to date. Emily, being the passionate advocate for college football, she is, and I, a profound NFL enthusiast. We would go back and forth trying to justify why our chosen form of the sport was superior. To this day, it remains a topic of healthy debate within our family. Trying to sum it up, whether it's the college football or the NFL that's bigger, I reckon, it's all a matter of individual perspective and the memories that each platform has provided us with.